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Natural Perfumery & Olde World Apothecary

Pixxxie Pie & Posie
Natural Perfumery & Olde World Apothecary

Welcome to Pixxxie Pie & Posie's Natural Perfumery & Olde World Apothecary: Specializing in Natural Perfume & Cologne, Handmade Bath & Body Sundries & other Practically Magical Ephemera!

Beneath the skirts of Pixxxie Pie & Posie you will find a curious range of exotic haute couture and semi-precious sundries perfect for all manner of odd woman or mysterious man. A love of top quality materials & a relentless eye for detail, means that every bottle of artisan perfume/cologne, every bar of soap & all apothecary whimsies & ephemera are lovingly hand crafted by the Pixxxie Pie proprietress, one Madame Raquel Q. Van Der Zee, Ezsquire.

With an eye on sustainability & leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible, Pixxxie Pie & Posie is decked in old world charm with a healthy dash of Victorian-Steampunk lacing its edges. Tickling your fancy through a line of eco-friendly wares and natural wonderments created from original recipes, Pixxxie Pie & Posie is just perfect for those that find themselves tired of the usual parade of mass produced brick-a-brack. Most ingredients are organic, wild crafted, fair trade and all are GMO and cruelty-free. So get a little closer to nature and grab yourself a slice of Pixxxie Pie today=)

The Simple Run-Down By The Numbers (lol): Pixxxie Pie & Posie offers around 62 natural perfume/cologne oil aroma blends. Each aroma blend is meticulously crafted from original recipes, all are available in a wide variety of sizes as well as a lavish array of old world inspired bottles & such. Beyond those options, every aroma is also available in solid forms ranging from the classic solid perfumes/colognes, to artisan-crafted body butter, soaps, bubble bath & couture bath salts, just to name a few. In compliment to Pixxxie Pie’s general library of aroma blends, there is also a collection of Single Note Solid Perfumes & Colognes called “La Petite Miette”. Fashioned from a Coven of 33 single-note aromas, these concentrated aroma “tones” can be worn alone to create a singular statement or layered to fashion myriad combinations unique & personal to the wearer.

Available Sizes For Perfume/Cologne Oils: Sample Vial Size (Available in Twin Vial Sample Packs as well as in a wide variety of Multi-Aroma/Multi-Vial Sample Packs), and from sample sizes we move up to 1/8 Oz, 1/6 Oz, 1/4 Oz, 1/3 Oz and scoot it all the way to 1/2 Oz. Aromas are available in roll-on bottles at the 1/3 Oz size.

Your Pixxxie Pie Proprietress: Madame Raquel VanDerZee

My 2nd Website on Etsy:
I have a 2nd website on Etsy and I've been a member there since 5/2009.
In that time I have amassed oodles of positive feedback with over 1200 positive reviews, so check it out if you need some extra convincing of
Pixxxie Pie & Posie's epic awesomeness!!
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Link to Pixxxie Pie's Etsy Feedback Page chock full of positive testimonials:

All customer service situations
are handled via email, Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm CST (holidays & weekends excluded). The Madame attempts to answer inquiries within approximately 24/48 business hours of receipt.

Regarding Aroma Component Termed "Musk":
My "Musk" oil is created with Ambrette & Amyris Essential Oils since I prefer not to utilize musk derived from animals.

Regarding "Fruity" Aroma Components:
Fruity components are created by mixing a variety of essential oil components to mimic the smell of said fruit. Will the component smell exactly like the fruit? No, especially if you are accustomed to or prefer strong, heavily synthetic fruity aromas. What you will find with the few of my blends that contain fruity elements is a close approximation of the fruit element with a very green edging.

Regarding Large Orders:
Large orders for special occasions are welcome and many Pixxxie Pie products make fantastic party favors/gifts for all manner of fairy wedding or unique get-together. Just send a convo detailing the large quantity you want and a special listing will be created for you. If you require a large number of various products, a quote will be prepared for your approval within 48/72 hours of receiving the details from you (this time frame is particularly applicable when you want multiple quotes with quantity variations which effect the cost of shipping). Once you approve your quote, a special listing is created and you purchase whenever you're ready=)!

Regarding Wholesale:
Pixxxie Pie & Posie is no longer accepting wholesale inquiries. All Pixxxie Pie & Posie products are sold exclusively through this venue to ensure product quality, brand integrity and pricing consistency.

To Austin Texas Residents: I don't sell my wares through any local Austin boutiques and I do not offer local pickup or personal hand delivery (whereby I drive to your home and hand deliver your order to you). This is a mail order business run by only one person: that's me. That means I let the Post Man handle delivery because that's a hell of a lot more time and cost effective than me hopping in my car like I run a cosmetics catering services. USPS Priority Mail usually delivers products to my Austin clients within 1-2 business days of the order being dropped at the Post.

Consignment arrangements
are NOT possible due to the nature of the natural/botanical products offered.

Regarding donating products or sending products free to Bloggers
for review on their blog:
Pixxxie Pie & Posie receives so many inquiries about giving products away that it's absolutely astounding, lol. Unfortunately, such donations are not possible at this time. This stance may change as Pixxxie Pie & Posie grows and evolves over time and the Madame thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Regarding Payment:
Payment is accepted securely through Paypal from clients worldwide.
You don't have to have a Paypal account and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Electronic Check. Paypal also allows international clients to pay with credit cards common to their region with ease, security and convenience.

Products/Photos/Label Design © Pixxxie Pie & Posie (2003-2012)
Pixxxie Pie & Posie / PixxxiePieandPosie.com / Pixxxie Pie & Posie's Olde World Apothecary/ Pixxxie Pie & Posie Natural Perfumery & Olde World Apothecary & PixxxiePie.com are Trademarked Property. All rights reserved!

Pixxxie Pie Products Are For Adults:
Please note that Pixxxie Pie products are really made for adult use
and aren't intended for users under the age of 14/15.


The July 2012 issue of Austin Monthly Magazine has been released and Pixxxie Pie & Posie is IN IT! If you get a chance, check me out at the top of page 66 in the "Beauty Buzz" column!!

Pixxxie Pie & Posie featured on the website www.Thrillist.com!

Pixxxie Pie & Posie featured in November 2011 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Handmade Hostess Gift Project Guide along with a handful of other great Etsy shops! You can spot the test tube bath salts on page 84 of the November 2011 back issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine! You'll also find a link to the blog article below=)

Link to project: http://www.bhg.com/christmas/crafts/november-host... (our project is number 14).

Product featured: Doctor Girlfriends Splendiferous Botanical Bath Salts and the product is definitely kept in stock!!

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Payment is accepted securely through Paypal, allowing you to pay with all major credit cards and even Electronic Checks! Paypal also allows international clients to easily make secure payment via the card of their choosing!
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